The Skilled Migration Category has been designed to attract highly skilled and qualified migrants to New Zealand, particularly in the industrial sectors and regions that are experiencing growth, but facing shortage of professionals. The country’s selection system is flexible and only important stages are taken into consideration before an applicant can apply for skilled migration to the country. The Skilled Migrant Category is a points system based on factors such as age, work experience, your qualifications, and an offer of skilled employment. To be eligible to apply under the Skilled Migrant visa category, an individual must meet the basic eligibility criteria. You must: – 
• Be between the age bracket of 22 (should be 20) to 55 years. 
• You should score at least 100 points or more than 100 points in order to be eligible to apply or the New Zealand Visa. 
• Must meet with all the requirements for the eligibility of New Zealand. 
• Be of good character with no terrorist or criminal records 
• Have proficiency in both written and spoken English 
• Your occupation should be listed in the skilled occupation list of New Zealand. 
Steps of Process:- 
1. Skill assessment: 
It is educational assessment of foreign degree whether it is equivalent to New Zealand education standards or not which is done by NZQA (New Zealand Qualification Assessment) 
2 .Expression of interest: 
It is a pool where the candidates profile enter as soon as it claims 100 points, if points are more tahn 140 you will automatically get ITA (invitation to apply) 
3. Visa Filing: 
After skill assessment and ITA along with embassy fee and further documents file is submitted to New Zealand embassy. 
• Its a family visa can migra te with entire family 
• Spouse can legally work 
• Free medical benefits for entire family 
• Free education for children 
• Child tax benefits 
• Pension plans 
• Free entry exit in New Zealand
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